Payment method

About payment
credit card
[Handling card]
The handling card is as follows.
  • 【remarks】
    • If your credit card is not available due to your usage status, your order will be canceled.
    ※ Credit cards different from customers are not available.
    ※ Credit card use curve is not issued on payment system.


    Bank transfer
    [Bank transfer] Please transfer to the designated bank account. ____________________________________________ ゆ ち 店 店 〇 〇 〇 二 二 (029) Deposit Best Court (029) Base
    • After ordering, we will send you an email for payment.
    • After confirmation of payment situation, shipping procedure will start.
    • If payment can not be confirmed within 14 days, we will cancel your order.
    • The transfer fee will be paid by the customer.
    ※ Please pay from your orderer's name. If you pay in a name other than your orderer, you may not be able to check your payment.


    Cash on delivery
    [Trader] Japan Mail
    ● We will inform you of the total payment from the shop after ordering.
    ● Please pay the delivery staff to the delivery staff at the time of accepting delivery that has been delivered.

    【Cash on delivery fee fee table】
    Product prices total Cash-on-delivery charge
    10000 yen 330 yen
    10001 to 30000 yen 440 yen
    30001 to 100,000 yen 660 yen
    Delivery fee consumption tax This price contains consumption tax
    Reconciliation of the company Courier service (Japan mail)